My account was hacked


If you got some weird email from me with no subject line and some obscure link, please do not click on it.  My account was hacked this morning.  I fixed the problem so you shouldn't get anymore weird emails from me. Well, you may, but they will be intentional. :-)


Best always,





A Moment of Bitchy Indulgence Thanks to Facebook

I was doing a little late-night Facebook stalking of the guy I used to date. Guess what I came across?! His new chica. I was a little taken aback. You really never want to be confronted with a person you've been with having moved on, but it is inevitable. I saw a girl post something really cheery on his wall. My first thought was that her comment seemed "young". Then I looked at her profile pic, it was of the two of them. There wasn't any kissing or hugging or anything, but what person uses a pic of them and another guy(or girl) if they aren't into them? Exactly. Good for him.

I considered inviting him to my birthday shenanigans. I thought I was being petty inviting all of our mutual friends and not him. Something told me to look at his page before I sent the invite. I'm glad I did...

Its best this way. I start a new year next week and I don't need to bring in left overs from the last.


Just One of those Days

Ugh! This day started off with me waking up super early and it was down hill from there. It is very rare that I feel like Scrooge, but today just took the cake. I was(am) in Supreme Restless Bitch mode. I'm feeling stuck and I don't know why. I could sit and analysis my behavior, but I just don't give a fuck. So instead I'm going to unload a few of my pet peeves.

1. Why do people say, "I hate to bother you" or "I'm sorry to bother you" ? If they were sorry or hated to do it, then they wouldn't. It's just a ploy to mollify(I think I used the word correctly) me while I give you what you want. It is so transparent. Stop beating around the bush and ask me for what you want.

2. Why do we(young people) have to sit and over analyze everything nuance of an encounter with the object of our affect instead of doing what's necessary to make things that you want to happen? We're supposed to be fearless, but it seems that we all suffer from a bad case of bitchassness. I'm guilty of this too. So I declare that moving forward, I will drop my bitchassness and start to be the bad ass bitch I know I can be. Who's with me?

3. Why doe we do things that we don't want to just to appease another? Be it friend, loved one or lover? This is the time of out lives to be selfish, within reason of course. Let's live it up and if the appeasement isn't utilitarian-fuck it.

4. Why is it so easy for our friends to have the answer to our problems, but we don't see it? Thus we spend hours crying into our drinks while they try to make us see what they see so clearly. Lesson is to know thyself.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. I feel so much better.

Yay for blogging by email!!!


Ready to go

Today, I leave for my friend's wedding. At first I was nervous about seeing the Pineapple and hoping he didn't show up all happy with a hot girlfriend. Something in the way he sounded the last time we spoke seemed like there isn't a hot girlfriend lurking in the midst. You never know...

Now I'm nervous because my friend asked me to read a poem at his wedding. I know why he asked, I used to compete in Poetry Interpretation in college. So he's used to hearing me perform a piece. That was for a little plastic trophy, performing this poem is a little different. So I'm going to be nervous until just before I read it and then rock the hell out of it. I seriously do not want to be responsible for fricking up someone's wedding, not even causing a wrinkle in the flow of the plans. Wish me luck...


I want to blog more, but I'm usually on my work computer. That's a BIG NO NO at my job. They monitor everything and the scans are random. Anyway, by the time I get home, I am not in the mood to blog. Plus, all of my brilliant thought occur during the day when I'm not at my personal PC. Now that I've discovered this feature, I can write more.

Be forewarned, they may be crazy rants about work, but I'll try to keep it interesting.

I'm so excited I can do this!!! :)


Uncharted Territory

Trying to figure out how to blog from my phone.

The Untouchables.

I started taking Pilates several weeks ago and my instructor is soooo good looking, I don't know what to do!! I get so stupid around. It's embarassing!! Seriously, it's bad. He has dark hair and eyes, a chiseled jawline(think Clark Kent/Superman chiseled jaw) and THE perfect body. His body is well proportioned, nothing out of place. It's really not fair. Not fair at all. And to top it all off...he has the nerve to be super nice. I'm sure he's gay, because he's too good to be true and therefore out of my reach.

When he signed me up for sessions, of course I recognized that he was cute, but I really didn't think anything of it. I didn't think he's be my trainer for the sessions. Turns out he is and he puts me in the most embarassingly awkward postions and when I tell him the position is awkward, he laughs, smacks my thigh and tells me, "harder". Well!! I only take that type of instruction if there is an orgasm (multiple please) at the end of it. See what he does to me?

In addition to the hottie instructor, there is the hottie guy at work. I think he's adorable too, but because we work together nothing will happen. But, it's so much fun to flirt with him!!

Why are there so many untouchable guys around? I one I can...